Recruitment of Developer of God of War Ragnarok for “Great” New game

Inos of the War Ragnarok will not be launched until the end of this year, but it seems that Sie Santa Monica Studio is already planning his next project. The PlayStation developer currently has a job list for an art director position on its website for “a new not announced title”. While Santa Monica Studio has published several games of external studies over the years, the company’s internal development teams have been working exclusively on the GOD OF WAR franchise since 2005. You may be working on the next game of The series, or maybe something completely different!

“They will coordinate great teams of artists in multiple thematic areas to execute the creative promise of a new large-scale project. The ideal candidate has been in a senior / principal position in multiple titles and is capable of providing the experience of it in content creation, collaboration and communication to create immersive and attractive player experiences “, the job list says.

Unfortunately, there is no way to know what Santa Monica Studio is working on, yet! The opening would seem to indicate that the development of this new game is still in the early stages, so fans could wait a long time before any kind of official announcement is made. Given the developmental history of Santa Monica Studio, another four or five years may be passed before the release of your next game, so it is difficult to imagine that Sony makes some kind of ad until the development is more advanced. Of course, if it is another GOD OF WAR game, we could see some clue about it when dios de la Ragnarok releases at the end of this year!

The work lists provide fans an interesting window to the video game development process that simply was not publicly available only a few years ago! Developers and publishers know that fans like to look for clues about the future in these things, so lists tend to be quite vague, and this is not an exception. However, Santa Monica Studio is looking for someone with experience in AAA games, and that should give fans an idea of ​​the scale of this next project. Hopefully we do not expect too much to find out what that is!

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