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LOL – Skarner will be the next GREAT REWORK: These were the results of the great Riot survey

In a gigantic survey carried out on all servers of League of Legends , the community has chosen Skarner as the next champion to receive a complete rework that affects both its gameplay and aspect in the game. The scorpion has achieved an overwhelming majority accumulating 33.4% of the votes. In this way, developers have already begun to look for ideas to convert this monster into one of the most special characters existing in the game.

How will the Skarner Rework be?

Riot Game had assured that Skarner would need a lot of work to have a complete update that will stand up at the current level of design of League of Legends. The goal is to be a change of magnitude very similar to the Rework of Urgot or Sion , affecting both its theme and skills. The goal, yes, is to maintain in its definitive or other skill the characteristic hijacking spell, although everything else in the kit of it will be “created from scratch“.

Even the story of this champion will have a few modifications because from Riot Games they consider that he is quite poor. They are not very desemblyted if we take into account that the greatest participation of it at the Lore of League of Legends was related to the controversial original biography of Seraphine. Another problem solved for a champion that simply belonged to a different era and was too marked by the way Riot Games designed the champions in the past .

SKARNER REWORK 2022 CONFIRMED - League of Legends

One of the great objectives of the developers to carry out a successful rework is to be in close contact with the League of Legends community. After having learned with the gigantic failure that it supposed aatrox , the developers have tried to please the regular players of the character they update, informing each step in the process to try to collect opinions and not disappoint them. In that sense, it will not be different from the method that followed with the relaunch of udyr that will take place in recent months.

To say goodbye, the developers have wanted to send a message to the players of Shyvana . The eternal monitoring of the voting of the community has become the main candidate the next rework that is not submitted to survey. Riot Games has not wanted to promise that it will be as follows to receive it, but he has ensured that they have it very much in mind if they have enough time and good ideas arise to carry it out. We know that neither Skarner nor the medium dragon will receive his rework during the year 2022, although Riot could have a surprise prepared for the coming months.