“Kawagami” Lightning General General “Mystery New Boss” appeared! Ver.2.5 information summary for the new area “Layer rock giant”.

Mihoyo has released notice PV of the next version “Ver.2.5” when the version “Ver.2.5” will connect to the next version “Ver. 2.5”.

In “When the thin is shattering”, it seems that a new story is drawn on the stage of the new area “Tsumiya” added in Ver. 2.4. In addition, various events are pushed with a “mysterious new boss” as a playable character “General Lightning General”.

In addition, it is announced that the new area “Layite Big Bego” is scheduled to be opened in Ver. 2.6. The same area that was impossible to enter the name of Mai Matsu only to enter the same area. The “ruins Sapent” appearing in the same area is also the first published.

# ◆ New demon introduction

In Ver.2.5, new demons “ shadow husk ” including “ mystery new boss “, exactly the lightning generals, appear.

◆ New event information

In Ver.2.5, events are pushed. A theme event that can acquire the new weapon “★ 4 oath” of the ★ 4 oath “” and the internal structure will challenge the strange secret that changes with the “person’s mind” ” Demon Wolf Gods “,” Hundreds of Hundred People, a “” to experience the Bartender with Angels share, “ Hundreds of Riga” “will be held.

# ◆ New area “Layer rock giant” notice

It is not Ver. 2.5, but it is scheduled to open in Ver. 2.6, the new area “Layer rock giant”. It was located on the left side of Moto, and it was impossible to enter what is listed around the map. Layer rock botchief is a mining area, and as a location, “ground mining” and “underground mining” existed. It seems that there is also a living ruins Machine “ruins Sapent” that looks like a huge snake.

Three serial codes have also been released in line with the announcement of Ver. 2.5. “ VTPU3CQWYCSD “, “ AB7VJC9EGDAZ “, who can earn the experiences of rough stone × 100 and large heroes, who can earn the experience of the raw stone × 100 and the finishing WT7D3CQEHVBM “. The deadline is until 13:00 on February 5, so use early.

In addition, there are other event prayer information such as “Yatsu Kukako” and “Story PV” like anime. Please check the following related articles for details.

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