Grand theft auto

GTA 6 confirms: Rockstar Games officially announces new offshoot

With the publication of “Grand Theft Auto 5” in 2013, developer Rockstar Games released a sheer inexhaustible gold pit. The game first appeared on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 broke all sales records. In the following years, no less successful versions were followed for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One and the PC. More than 155 million times the title wandered over the bar counter to this day. And nine years later, the adventure has barely lost relevance around the three Ganoven Michael, Trevor and Franklin.

In March 2022, “GTA 5” appears in a drilled version for PS5 and Xbox Series X. But while Rockstar is busy pressing the last cent from the game, fans have been a continuation for years. Again and again rumors make a possible “GTA 6” the round on the net. Even a potential start date, experts want to have already identified. Rockstar Games himself was so far stricterly on topic and opened whether a new offshoot is already on the agenda. That’s enough of that!

Development of GTA 6 is in full swing

In a recent community update on his website, the company confirmed the development of a new “Grand Theft Auto” game for the first time. Whether this actually bears the title “GTA 6” remains open, but should hardly play a role in the stroke. Safe is: Gamern is a potential new banger in the house. Rockstar Games indirectly promises that the title significantly exceeds the quality of its predecessor. It belongs to the principle of the studio, with each new product significantly more to offer than with the preceding one.

In fact, Rockstar has been screwing behind the scenes for quite some time the next “GTA”. The company indicates that the development of the game was in full swing. However, the developer calls the content as well as a possible release date. More information If you want to share “soon” with the player’s share.