LOL: Arcane will change the future of animation? Riots lesson that could inspire other series

Arcane has meant one of the greatest successes in the history of the animated series and has become one of the great entrance doors to League of Legends . The animated series developed by Riot Games from the hand of Netflix excited the players and conquered the public, but that was not his only achievement. He also aroused questions among the fans of animated fiction and even the professionals who have all life dedicating himself to it.

RIVER Risk with Arcane explained by one of its creators

Arcane | Official Trailer | Netflix
The quality of Arcane animation and its quality are recognized unanimously in the entertainment industry. However, relevant figures of this same space do not consider that it can be considered as a new standard due to its very high budget or the long period of development. The argument is simple: no animation study could devote the time or money that Riot Games arranged for the creation of the series. The developer invested a total of 6 years, although during the first two the inactivity was almost total. In this way, it would not become a reference.

Franco, a Riot Games worker responsible for the development of Arcane, wanted to manifest some disagreement with these criticisms. Although he has recognized some comments as reasonable, he did not prevent him from stating that if the producers have achieved a series of quality is because they did decide to take risks . “People do not realize how hard we had to fight and work to make the series happen_”, explained an employee who did not want to leave without mention the fact that “more time or money are not equivalent to quality” something that It has been seen “_in all kinds of high budget productions of the entertainment world”.

According to Riot Franco, the path that could have marked the League of Legends series for the future is on its demonstration that it is possible to carry out this type of project. Arcane is the evident demonstration that animation can transcend to public sectors alien to it and that there are many stories that deserve to be counted. Not all fictions have such a solid base as arcane, but of course it is something that is worth trying and what many studies could learn .