Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath Tips – How to perform new deaths, stage mortality and friendships

Here you will find entries for all new deaths and friendships that have been added to the game.

Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath brings a brand-new action with time travel gambling and even more interference in the traditions. For competitive-oriented three new playable characters are introduced – RoboCop, Sheena and Fuji. Your brutalities must be unlocked, but it is possible to use your deaths when you know the keystrokes.

RoboCop, Sheena and Fuji’s deaths:

Here are the keystrokes for RoboCops deaths. Note that square, triangle, X and circle PS4 corresponds while X, Y, A and B apply to Xbox One:

  • Dead or alive – push back near your opponent, forward, down, down, triangle / y.
  • Thank you for your cooperation – push forward in the middle of your opponent, down, forward, square / X.

Here are the entries for Sheena’s deaths:

  • Stomp the yard – push down near the opponent, below, below, square / x.
  • Spinal Tip – Press Near the opponent forward, down, down, forward, X / A.

Finally, Fuji’s deaths are here:

  • Wind blade – While you are far away from your opponent, press back, down, down, back, square / X.
  • Twisted Twister – Press in the vicinity of an opponent forward, backwards, downhill, triangle / Y.

So they carry out deaths in the stage

With the latest free update, Stage Fatalities finally arrived in Mortal Kombat 11. The entry for all Stage Fatalities is the same – while you are near your opponent, press down, forward, down and then to square / X. But you have to be in the right place, otherwise the death will not be Triggered.

In the Dead Pool Phase you have to be located with the acid pool directly in front of you in the middle of the phase. In case of correct design, you hit an opponent in the acid. For the tournament phase you have to be in the middle. If it is done right, the lights change and their opponent carries an arcade cupboard for a new hat. Finally, put back in the Shaolin Trap Dungeon back in the middle, and you will hit the enemy in the overhead weight before falling on spines.

How to Close Friendships

Friendships also debut with this free update, but they are different for every character. The only common factor is that you have to be far from your opponent to be executed. Here are the entries for every friendship:

  • Bar aka – back, forward, down, down, square / X.
  • Cassie Cage – back, forward, down, down, square / X.
  • Carrion – down, down, down, down, square / X.
  • D’Prevention – Back, Forward, Down, Back, Triangle / Y.
  • Error black – back, forward, down, forward, X / A.
  • Frost – forward, backward, forward, backward, X / A.
  • Fuji – Back, Down, Back, Down, Triangle / Y.
  • Eras – back, down, back, down, circle / B.
  • Jade – back, down, down, down, triangle / y.
  • Tax – Forward, back, down, down, triangle / Y.
  • Jacques – down, down, down, down, triangle / Y.
  • Johnny Cage – Back, Forward, Back, Down, Triangle / Y.
  • Joker – down, down, down, down, X / A.
  • Kabul – forward, down, back, below, square / X.
  • Canoe – back, forward, back, forward, triangle / y.
  • Diana – back, down, down, back, x / A.
  • Collector – Forward, back, down, down, triangle / Y.
  • Totally boot – down, forward, down, back, X / A.
  • King Lao – back, forward, back, forward, circle / B.
  • Liu King – forward, down, down, forward, triangle / Y.
  • Night wolf – forward, backward, forward, down, square / X.
  • Noob Sabot – Down, Back, Down, Forward, X / A.
  • Raid – down, back, forward, down, circle / B.
  • RoboCop – back, down, forward, down, circle / B.
  • Scorpion – forward, back, forward, back, circle / B.
  • Shaw Khan – Down, Forward, Down, Forward, Triangle / Y.
  • Sheena – Forward, back, down, down, square / X.
  • Since – forward, down, up, up, X / A.
  • SCARLET – back, down, down, back, X / A.
  • Sonya blade – down, forward, down, down, square / X.
  • Spawn – back, down, forward, down, square / X.
  • Sub-zero – down, down, forward, back, square / X.

  • Shang Sung – Back, Back, Below, Forward, Circle / B.
  • Terminator – Back, Down, Back, Down, X / A.