Scarce victory against Braunschweig: Bayreuth tastes to the play-off


Against the lions from Lower Saxony, the team of Raoul Corner won barely at 94:92 (43:52) thanks to a strong second half and with now 16:18 points on the tenth table spot. Marcus Thornton led Bayreuth with 27 points to victory against the lions, where Martin Peter was the best thrower (22). Braunschweig slips with now 12:20 meters on the 13th place. Before Bayreuth, the BG Göttingen (9th), the Hard Merlins Trailhead (8.) and the Hamburg Towers (7.) three teams each with 20:12 points. The best eight teams of BBL qualify for the play-offs. Media Bayreuth – Lower Braunschweig 94:92 (43:52) Best Werner Bayreuth: Thornton (27), Anime (17), Allen (14), Says (13) for Bayreuth Best Werner Braunschweig: Peter (22), Brown (19), Claws (13), Carpenter (10) for Brunswick. Viewers: None