In Pokemon Go there is currently a swap

Pokemon GO was for greater than 24 hrs, the exchange function off. The designers had to disable them due to a larger insect, so no player could swap a lot more. Currently, the function is energetic once more and Ni antic demonstrates how they make up for the failing once again.

What was the failing? In the morning of 20 January, the assistance of Pokémon GO released a tweet in which it was introduced that the replacement function is impaired had. The reason for it revealed trainer on Reddit.

On the morning of 21 January, the assistance team revealed that they can deal with the error and the substitute function must be made it possible for again. From now, you can consequently exchange once again. For the failure Ni antic pay yet desire and compensate you. There is likewise an exchange bonus.

150 Swap each day – This informs Ni antic failing

This informs Ni antic: In the Tweet Assistance composes: Coach, we have corrected the mistake that influenced the replacements. Currently, the attribute is active again. We have actually raised the optimum variety of Swap a day on the 150th This increase will continue to be energetic till January 24 at 19:00, make amends for the lost time in the exchange as well as making XL candies. Thanks for your persistence.

This is currently the compensation: Till January 24 at 19:00 you can swap 150 Pokémon each day.

As the gamers respond? In the comments under the Tweet ask some players a lot more to apologize. There are demands for:

To Reddit it’s the instructors a lot more concerning the shed unique exchange. It claims that the 100 Swap daily were already annoying. I wish that you can pick about 10 Pokémon in order to replace the exact same time, creates impulse nine on Reddit. Currently Would if you might make greater than a unique exchange in the period: An additional customer claims (using Reddit). To make up for that you do not obtain the XL-candy of the Lost Unique Exchanges. For I will not trade 150 times.

  • More unique Swap each day when trains have actually lost during the interruption
  • Boosted exchange-distance
  • Worldwide luck Swap

Why was the replacement function impaired?

About an hour before the replacement function is disabled, revealed instructor on Reddit, what substantial fortunate they had. Together they were able to trade 100 Pokémon as well as all were Glückspokémon.

That’s what occurred: The factor for the deactivation of the replacement function is believed that the fortune-friends status was not terminated. Although Ni antic did not communicate directly that this was the factor for the deactivation, but it is likely.

In Pokémon GO had 2 instructors insane good luck – these are the 100 fortunate Pokémon from one day

Pokemon GO was for even more than 24 hrs, the exchange function off. What was the failure? In the very early morning of 20 January, the support of Pokémon GO released a tweet in which it was announced that the replacement function is handicapped had. This tells Ni antic: In the Tweet Support composes: Coach, we have fixed the mistake that impacted the substitutes. In the remarks under the Tweet ask some players even much more to make amends.