FC Bayern: Pechvove Vidovic awakens desires

FC Bayern last moved several talents like Paul Wanner in the foreground. A youngster that remained outside is Gabriel Ludovic. Nevertheless, coach Julian Nagelsmann swarmed from the 18-year-old attacker.

In the jersey of the U23 of FC Bayern Munich, Gabriel Ludovic is currently ensured in the Regionally Bavaria for Furor. In 20 games, the Croatian junior national players already achieved twelve goals and prepared seven more hits.

An assignment or catering mining in the professionals Ludovic has so far denied – but only because of persistent injury worries, as Nagelsmann stressed.

Gobi has had a harder rehabilitation unit and then hurt again on the Achilles tendon. He is currently not properly enters, quoting Gabriel Vidovic1 the Bayern coach.

A comeback of Ludovic takes a bit more, as Nagelsmann stressed. He had something to catch up physically. Nevertheless, the 34-year-old exercise manager swarmed by the youngster: He is an outstanding footballer. I’m glad when he is healthy again.

According to the TV channel, Ludovic should be in top match against Borussia Dortmund in the squad of Bayern at the beginning of December. However, a muscular injury in the thigh slowed him out.

Ludovic was unable to participate against Borussia Mönchengladbach and 1st FC Cologne in January for a cold.

First inquiries for Ludovic?

Although Ludovic was not yet used with the pros, the talent already arouses the interest of other clubs. According to Gabriel Vidovic1 there are already clubs from the 1st and 2nd league at the 18-year-old. The FC Barcelona also observed him very well.

Most recently, the kicker had reported that the personnel will exciting in January. So then the first serious inquiries for the youngster in FC Bayern could spread.

Ludovic himself thinks about a change At the moment not at all and feel very well in Munich – a clear dementia and confession to the record champion, however, is certainly not.