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GTA Online: New Obey Off

One more week, Rockstar Games presents the weekly news about GTA Online , the popular multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V , this time, with the new SUV Obey image, Bonuses at the Filter Final in South Central, Triple Rewards in Simeon Contact Missions, Double GTA $ and RP at Hardest Target, Discounts in the Armory, a new Ballet Filter Final award in the series of Persecution, Declare Drift Tampa Filter Final Roulette Award for Fortune and the usual advantages Prime Gaming, among others.

GTA Online: New Obey Off Image

Thus, one of the most outstanding newss is the arrival of the new SUV Obey image , already available at Southern San AndreFilter Final. At the extra level of GTA $ and RP we have missions at the end of Filtration in South Central , in The Hardest Target mode and with Dr. Dre song, Black Privilege. The triple rewards will arrive with the Simeon contact missions, including Premium Deluxe embargoes.

If you want to do with 200,000 GTA $ Extra you will have to complete murders on request , short trips and help DR to solve the data filtration . Turning to the vehicles, the powerful Karin Calico GFT is the award of the week for completing a career of the series of persecution, while the Declare Drift Tampa at the Roulette Award of La Fortuna.

The discounts focus, this time, in the Armory, including exclusive weapons:

  • Hey Barrage: 40% discount
  • NagFilter Finalaki Blazer Aqua: 50% discount
  • Brute Knoxville armored: 40% discount
  • Emperor Vector: 30% discount

  • Proven Italy GTB / GTB Custom: 40% discount
  • Annie Elegy retro custom: 50% discount

Inverter coquette D10: 40% discount
Jo built Hauler custom: 40% discount
MTL WFilter Finalte lander: 60% discount

To close with the weekly news of GTA Online, we have the usual ones Advantages Prime Gaming with 100,000 GTA $ for playing this week with the accounts of the Social Club of Rockstar Games and Prime Gaming linked.