Several Veterans of Firaxis announce the Foundation of the new Bit Reactor Study

Several former developers of Fir axis Games, the company responsible for Com and Civilization, have announced the Bit Reactor Foundation, a new study based in Maryland that will focus on creating shift strategy games with large production values.

The CEO and co-founder of Bit Reactor, Greg Fourth, was a member of IRAQIS for twenty-two years, fourteen of which as senior art director working on titles such as Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, Sim golf, Civilization III and IV, Pirates!, And The last two Com.

Fonseca will accompany you in Bit Reactor several creatives and read developers that worked in the COM saga. The mission of the study is to give new life to the gender of the strategy, especially the tactical titles by shifts, which they believe that they are currently they spend pleasantly.

In an interview given to Games industry. Biz the CEO of the new study added that the genre began to decline as the popularity of the consoles increased and left a little side. But that is not a problem. The screen resolution does not It’s a problem. There are always ways to explain stories and give information without resorting to a word player.

In that we are centered, to bring that to gender, and to erase the line between what a strategy game is and what a game of action is. According to the press release that has sent the media to announce the new study that translates into great production values, a good narrative and an innovative design for a playable experience of category.

And its objectives, of course, are not small. Fourth revealed this ambition saying that our goal is to win the game award of the year, we hope to compete face to face with halo or with whoever, as the Com de Firaxis did in 2012.

At the moment, the study already has several projects without announcing in development. It is unknown when they can give more details about them, but hopefully be soon.