Pokemon Go Tour: Management Anuncia Dos Grandes Recompensa

Pokémon Go Tour: Photo will have two great rewards extracted directly from the original Pokemon Gold and Silver Games. Next month, Pokemon IR will organize your GO Tour annual event, which focuses on a different generation of Pokémon and promises an experienced experience of the original Pokémon Games. This year’s event is the Pokémon Go Tour event: Photo, which will have the 100 Pokémon presented at Pokémon Gold and Silver available with its Shiny forms for the first time in Pokemon IR. This week, Pokemon IR announced two additional rewards for participating In the event: A meeting with Shiny Guaranas and a meeting with Mythical Pokémon Celebs. Any celebration trapped during the event will know its characteristic Magical Leaf movement.

Both Celebs and Shiny Yards have been available at Pokemon IR for a while, but both Pokémon have links with the original Pokemon gold and silver games. The players met Shiny Guaranas on the Lake Ira during his team Rocket, which could capture the Red Pokémon (who also served as a way to show the new Shiny mechanics of the franchise). Meanwhile, Celebs was the mythical Pokémon of the game and also played an important role in the explanation of what happened to Giovanni during the game events at the Pokemon Heart gold and Soul silver Reface

As in the Pokémon GO Tour event last year, players will have the task of capturing the 100 Pokémon who were first seen in the Photo region. Players will choose an experience with the theme of one of the two versions of the game and must exchange to collect certain Pokémon with players with the other experience. Certain Pokémon will have higher Shiny meeting rates of normal and changes are expected for the Ho-Oh Legendary Pokémon and Lucia.

Tickets are now available for Pokémon Go Tour: Photo at the game store for a price of $11.99. The anticipated purchase will also give players access to special research prior to the event, including a timed research event in February, which results in a meeting with Ni bat.