BVB vs. FC Bayern | Hamann demands apology from Bellingham

Even one and a half months later, the Bundesliga top game between BVB and FC Bayern (2: 3) is still for turmoil. After referee Felix Player was violently attacked after several disputed decision and even received murder threats, ex-national player Dietmar Haman demanded a public opinion of Borussia Dortmund.

The Bundesliga referee had recently talked to Sky for the first time how violently the after effects of this game were for him and that he and his family have been personally threatened.

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In order to be able to tick this highly cooked topic finally and to the satisfaction of both sides, the long-term professional Dietmar Haman has now called for Sky an act of pacification from the BVB: I think, with a little distance should be a bit of reason, and you should have something mean Put on a table and try to clear the thing, said the 47-year-old at the TV channel for which he works as an expert.

I think Borussia Dortmund has a commitment to the DFB and the Football family, and try to save what is still to save, Reimann supplemented the boundaries of the rights for the personal attacks and threats to Player sees far exceeded.

Especially from BVB Midfielder Jude Bellingham, Haman would like a serious and public opinion. The teenager had polished and meant after the lost top game against FC Bayern against Felix Player and meant: You give a referee who was already involved in game manipulations, the largest game in Germany. What do you expect?

BVB manager ZORN finds clear words

For these supposedly false allegations, Bellingham had to apologize, called Haman. It is the least what Felix Player deserves or is entitled. Through these statements, this whole thing has received a momentum that sadly ended in murder threats.

Whether the BVB will work again in this Cause is still unclear. On Tuesday, games director Michael Zorn had commented again in the matter and the threats against Player, among other things, sentenced as idiotic insults, which are in no way to tolerate or justify.