Report: Black money scandal at amateur

In German amateur football, according to research of the ARD, there is a massive financial problem with cash payments in which neither taxes nor social security contributions are paid.

In the 2020/2021 season came to more than 700,000 amateur players, according to the 21 national associations of the DFB just about 8500 amateur contracts.

In a survey conducted by the ARD under 8085 male participants at the age of 18 to 39, however, 60.2 percent of the participants said that they once or more often get to play football in the amateur association.

According to the gaming of the German Football Federation (DFB), amateur kicker may not get more than 250 euros per month to expenses and / or expense compensation. At higher sums, an amateur agreement must be concluded, which will also be due tax and social security contributions. The DFB published on its website again the most important information on the topic of association.

The ARD shared the association, he is generally critical to these payments. A control is not possible for the 21 national associations. The review of legal requirements and sanctioning of the violations is a matter for the respective public authorities (, etc. tax offices), said it from DFB.


The TV channel, which on Wednesday evening (23:30 clock) the documentation billions game amateur football — when the money comes in the envelope released, calculates on the basis of the survey data that it is several hundred million euros black money in the year.