VfB: Endurance Type Kalajdzic makes the next step

Everything, but really everything happened after the game in Fürth, said NASA Kalajdzic after the 0-0 last Saturday. Instead of 60 or a maximum of 70 minutes, the two-meter man had pulled through to the final whistle. Afterwards you were allowed to be curious how he would push away the high intensity. Now report Pelegrín Matarazzo facilitating.

NASA has coped the game well and makes a good impression in the training, says the Stuttgart coach, who is not surprised. He is a stamina type and puts such a stress well away, otherwise he could not have been able to hold the 90 minutes.

The loads of the current training week are also largely without a trace of Kalajdzic. The stress tip in training this week had also been completed. Although the striker feels something tired according to Matarazzo, but this is normal. Now it’s about getting fresh to the game on Saturday. Then RB Leipzig comes to Stuttgart.

On the national player are the hopes of the CFB in the relegation battle. The danger that is therefore easier to alienable, the chef coach does not look. NASA is a guide player who takes the boys and gives them up. But we can not only rely on him al1. The others have to do their job and take care of more goals. We have already shown that we were already Goren can come.