Valorant – How to solve codes

Appreciation allows players to use codes within the game and use them to get a variety of rewards for their characters. The game was of course regularly updated with new content that has been constantly added by the developers to create one of the best possible gaming experiences for players who like the ego shooter genre. Since the developers create a number of codes for players, they must especially know where and how they can redeem the codes. This guide article guides you through the process for redeeming codes in value estimation.

How to solve codes in Valorant

There are some methods for redeeming codes in the experience and these vary depending on what kind of code you want to redeem. If you want to redeem general codes, you can do so through the official main website if you are logged in to your selected account. The link you can follow to access is here. It should be noted that this website sometimes has a timeout and no server is available. I’m sure the developers are trying to fix this, but when they go to the website and does not seem to work, it is not their side, but the server side. Hopefully this will soon be resolved for players.


With regard to redemption of prepaid Valorant gift card codes purchased in places like Amazon, this can be done in the game without having to go through the website. Just open Valorant and log in. Then press the Valorant logo in the store on the right side of the screen. Click Prepaid Cards and Codes and then simply enter the code in the field and disconnect it.

Whether you are preparing for the new update or just want something news value estimation points and bonuses, redeeming codes is a great way to do this!

Appreciation is now available on the PC.