The Graphic Style of Tales of Arise will return in future deliveries from the saga except for the remakes

Tales of Arise, the most recent chapter within Banzai NAMC’s extensive RPG Saga, was a tremendous sales success, and according to the game producer, Yusuf Okinawa , one of the reasons was the new graphic style , so it confirmed it in a recent interview. Because of this, the ‘atmospheric shaders’ of ARISE will return to the upcoming deliveries of the franchise, except for the remakes.

The team plans to further improve shading in future deliveries This shading, described by Banzai NAMC as a new type of shader inspired by anime aesthetic and watercolor illustrations, is clearly visible to what Long of all the adventure in Tales of Arise. This graphic change separated the title of the last deliveries of the saga, and Okinawa not only confirmed that they will continue along this path with the new games, but will seek improve even more shading.

In addition, Okinawa mentioned in the same interview, that he would like to explore more Arise events, which we could not enjoy inside the game. As an example, the producer mentioned the past of Alp hen , but did not express whether he thinks about some DLC content — which had already been discarded previously — to tell this story, or in an animated series, as it happened with titles such as such of Symphonic and such of Styria.

However, perhaps the most interesting of the interview, it was the mention of the remakes. Although we already had some clues and rumors, this demonstrates more with greater force that developers have a fixed view in improved relaunch of past deliveries, something that we already saw successfully in Tales of Hesperia.


The graphic section was not the only new one in such of Arise, because although the traditional formula was respected, its battle system also received several adjustments, like two new mechanics, in order to present more dynamic combats.