Konami puts auction NFT for 35 years of Castlevania

What is a NFT? A miserable little pile of secrets, certainly, but also perhaps an innovative way to fill the pockets by putting on the passion and nostalgia of fans in miss, while showing the shareholders how much we are in the shot.

For the 35 years of the Castlemaine Saga and waiting for a little more exciting projects, INAMI has just announced that images, music and videos from the games will be bid in the form of NFT, whose future acquirers will then be able to parade by displaying their nickname on the INAMI Memorial NFT website and possibly resell their numerical good.

History to swell prices, one and only one copy of each NFT will be on sale from January 12 at 23:00 in the OpenS ea market. Auctioning works include Castlemaine’s main illustration: Circle of the Moon Music Bloody Tears of Castlemaine II: Simon’s Quest or this game scene showing the use of holy water against Dracula in the original game.

Konami celebrates the 35th anniversary of the founding of Castelvania. NFTS
INAMI adds that this NFT Castlemaine are only the beginning of the Great Offensive of the publisher who intends to market works from other franchises. CONCERNING THE FUTURE OF THE CASTLEVANIA series, INAMI will continue to support the currently available titles, while evaluating new opportunities for securities that will exceed the expectations of the players, can be read in the statement.

It tells that INAMI would have finally activated behind the scenes to produce remakes and new Metal Gear games, Castlemaine and Silent Hill with the help of other studios. While waiting for new blood, we recall that INAMI recently launched Castlemaine Advance Collection, compilation of the three classics of the Game Boy Advance, and relaunched the Mobile Game Castlemaine: Grimier of Souls for Apple Arcade subscribers.