Eventing twins and awakened crites: so congratulates Breitner Hoeneß to the 70.

Reinhold Beckman (born February 23, 1956, in Twisting) is a German television host, football analyst, TV journalist as well as musician.

Reconciliation between UPI Honey and Paul Crater took place at Herd Müller’s funeral celebration last August. Now we behave decades, as it would not even do small children, Crater said last summer. The two exceptional players had also approached the mediation of Karl-Heinz Rummenigge again, at the end of the reconciliation conversation, the two had even hugged.

A cordiality that was every day for the two for many years and at the same time was not considered to be more possible, because the two opposed Bavaria Grand was at least twice publicly. According to these disputes, an icy radio silence shaped their (not) relationship.

Emotional details of their long common way can be read out of the Crater Congratulation letter, which was published in the current member magazine 51.

Open letter from Paul Crater to UPI Honey

Lieder UPI,

December 1966 in October 1966 at the course for Süddeutschen Youth Selection in Karlsruhe. When the double rooms were awarded, we stood, I just 15 years old, you still 14, coincidentally side by side — and became contaminated. For years, we shared the room, I went to the courses by train always from Trespassing over Munich to Ulm, where you have switched to — and stayed on the return journey a few hours to the last train at you.

We understood us right away, because despite fundamentally different interests and partly contrary views in central values ​​such as will, use and diligence, we are like identical twins. Our magnet was mutual respect: we knew we could rely on 100 percent on each other, in the square as in life. Through our environment we were both early — you had to help in your butcher egg, I managed my everyday life with two fully working parents as a child independently. It was only logical that we founded a WE when we moved to FC Bayern in 1970. At the time we were long ago like an old married couple and knew how the other Ticket.

As a professional, you had a few months the for to take a body scale everywhere and drain you ten times a day. I will never forget how we are ready to run in March 1973 in front of the Europapokal quarter-final against Ajax Amsterdam and you get down the clothes on a blow, weight and beams, Paul, for today I have a great feeling! We lost 0: 4. After returning to the hotel, I told you: Either you throw this balance immediately out of the window, or I’ll do it! This had the topic done.

We were mentally connected so closely that we also led, negotiated and made decisions for each other. Just as before the 1974 World Cup, when you have agreed with a publisher that we both make a book together. Your selling argument: We personally sign each specimen. I thought: Yes, we sign a few thousand pieces. In the end it was exactly 307,500 books. Even months after the World Cup, the insert leaves were stacked to Madrid.

UNDER contact did not rupture during my three years in Spain, on the contrary: Every few weeks we visited. My experiences at Real, who had already over 600 employees at that time, have sucked out like a sponge. At this time, the idea has grown to make a second Real Madrid from FC Bayern, a world association — that was our shared dream.

ALL The years did not exist a bad word; We had the first big dispute in January 1983 when you were manager and I decided to stop at the end of the season. You could not understand why I finished my career with just 31, on my zenith — because you were forced to stop with 27. Play, as long as you can. It’s the most beautiful time of your life, you have always preached your players. Your fate was the great luck for the FC Bayern: You have shaped the club as usual only Herd Müller with his goals. And also for me this quarrel was groundbreaking at that time. In retrospect, I am infinitely thankful, because otherwise I would probably have taken a functional car that my early career end would have counteracted — after all, I wanted to be free from football.

I’ve been publicly approaching you and the FC Bayern in between, it was because both you and the club were always important to me — and are still today. I have criticized some decision because I was the only one who has dared to give you contra. I wanted to draw attention to things, for the good of our FC Bayern. Furthermore, I did not care, I would not have been busy with it.

Lieder UPI, I’m glad we both have come to reason and woke up: it would have been bad if we could not enjoy our way together. For your birthday, I wish you a brilliant idea for your personal desire that you, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and I tear something big again together. And since I was always a few months ahead of a few months, I can assure: the 70th does not hurt. Your Paul