`Cat and soup`, achieve global download

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Neo wiz (joint representative door, Kim Seung-chul) is served, and the healing flavoring game developed by Lidia (representative Kim Doggy) ‘cat and soup (CATS & Soup) exceeded 1 million global accumulation downloads in 5 months I said it was 4 days.

Last November, we have achieved 10 million downloads in a month, followed by a number of 570 million stored market accumulated downloads.

Cats and soups have recorded Google Play Store simulation games, the first place in the App Store casual game sector, and in Japan and the United States, and in the United States, Google Plays and the United States have recorded the third and fourth in the Google Play download rankings. In addition, we are receiving high rating of 4.8 or higher, and are recognized together with popularity and game properties. In particular, users are rapidly increasing as interested in games, such as creating a community, such as opening a fan café and creating a content through various social media.

【猫とスープ】英語版CATS & SOUP序盤プレイ
Cats and soups feature a catering of a cartoon and an easy operation. If you sell the soup and drink created through recipe development and upgrade, you can purchase various items such as clothes, accessories, and furniture, and you can use it to expand your own space.

Meanwhile, Kim Doggy, who developed ‘cats and soup’, has been incorporated into November’s subsidiaries that mobilize about 20 billion won of acquisitions last November last year.