Construction and Strategy 2022 New highlights for hobby strategists and construction kings

The Game Awards are an annual award ceremony that profits services in the video game industry. At the celebrations are likewise ideas of brand-new titles and in-depth looks to see currently revealed games. The shows are produced and moderated by Geoff Kafka, that has actually functioned for over 10 years on its predecessor, the Spike Computer Game Awards.

Who thinks, the game market consists only of soulless shooters or action adventures, with Open World, Battle Pass, funny skins and Loot boxen, which has missed far! Because 2022 is also a fat year for all the hobby strategists and construction kings who like to turn on the pear and brood about the minutes, which tactics they use now or where they are now strategically advancing this a house.
Welcome to the preview for the highlights of the construction and strategy games 2022!

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  2. 1.1Advance Wars 1 + 2: Reboot Camp
  3. 1.2Bear and breakfast
  4. 1.3Tholder 3
  5. 1.4Cantata
  6. 1.5Company of heroes 3
  7. 1.6Crossfire: Legion
  8. 1.7Cult of the LAMB
  9. 1.8dark Moon
  10. 1.9The settler
  11. 1.10Diplomacy is not attached to Option
  12. 1.11Distant Worlds 2
  13. 1.12Dune: Spice Wars
  14. 1.13Farthest Frontier
  15. 1.14Fata drum
  16. 1.15Gord
  17. 1.16Great Houses of Caldera
  18. Page 2 of HOMEWORK 3 to Nonages Ambition
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3. 2.3Homeworld 3
4. 2.4kerbal Space Program 2
5. 2.5Knights of Honor II: Sovereign
6. 2.6manor Lords
7. 2.7Mario + Rabbis: Sparks of Hope
9. 2.9Men of War 2
10. 2.10Metal Slug Tactics
11. 2.11My Time at Sand rock
12. 2.112Night is coming
13. 2.13Nobunaga’s Ambition: Rebirth
14. 2.14Oaken
15. 2.15VA Magic
3rd page 3Von Pharaoh up to Two Point Campus
1. 3.1Park Beyond
2. 3.2pharao — A New Era
3. 3.3Prehistoric Kingdom
4. 3.4Reverie Knights Tactics
5. 3.5Robin Hood — Sherwood Builders
6. 3.6rots of Pasha
7. 3.7SHIPS 2022
8. 3.8Slimen Rancher 2
9. 3.9Snacko
10. 3.10stargate Timekeepers
11. 3.11starship Troopers — Terran Command
12. 3.12Sweet Transit
13. 3.13Mininator Dark Fate — Defiance
14. 3.14Total was: Warhammer 3
15. 3.15Two Point Campus
16. 3.16 War Hospital
4. Page 4Pictures Gallery for Construction & Strategy 2022: New Games for Hobby Strategists

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Advance Wars 1 + 2: Reboot Camp

Way forward Technologies | 2022 | NSW
The reboot of the popular Advance Wars series Source: Nintendo actually announced for the end of 2021, the remake of the popular ADVANCE WARS series has now been moved to the spring 2022. The main focus of the new edition of the first two parts is mainly on the graph, finally the originals were still published for the Game Boy Advance. The gameplay remains almost untouched. In round-based battles, your tactically you have to defeat your enemies. In addition to the campaign, a versus mode for up to four players is also included.

Bear and Breakfast

Gummy Cat | 2022 | PC, NSW
Pull a small bed and breakfast high — as a bear! Source: Gummy Car in Bear and Breakfast are you in a slightly neglected piece of forest at home and have to build and manage a well-running bed and breakfast there. The Knight is the thing: you are a bear! You also control them through the world and leads talks with other forest dwellers. Bear & Breakfast also has a story, because at the latest since Water ship Down we know: Animals are not always so nice.

Beholder 3

Paint bucket Games | Q1 2022 | PC
Heavy decisions and clever procedures are the key to Beholder 3rd Source: Paint bucket Games A totalitarian state… a desperate staff and a tenement house. This is the starting situation in Beholder 3. As in disgrace of fallen employees in the ministry you will introduce as an Undercover spy in a residential building. There, you should spy your roommates spreading the agenda of the state and deliver report to your superiors. Here you always have to act exactly, so you do not get up. The series has been supervised by Paint bucket Games, the creators of Through the Darkest of Times. So you will certainly meet some heavy decisions and hard Took.


Cantata is for friends of the 16-bit look. Source: After school Studio Behind Cantata hides no Spanish dance style, but a strategy game with a lot of fight and base construction. You should not let you quench from the pixel look, because the game is tough. As a Commander one of three factions, you have to claim you on a strange planet against the others. Your bases build and leads round-based tactics. Each faction has unique units that allow different types of play. In addition, extensive mod soup is promised.

Company of Heroes 3

Relic Entertainment | 2022 | PC
Company of Heroes is one of the last AAA blockbuster Source: Relic Entertainment The Company of Heroes series has become a strategy classic of World War Settings over the years. The series finally offers real-time strategy with AAA optics, which has become rather rare in the genre. Part 3 mixes the well-known concept with new ideas. Thus, on request, the events can be paused for a more accurate planning of the attack stick. The new map also offers variety on which it does not just choose Schnoz’s missions, but in the best totally manner shifted your troops. COMPANY OF HEROES 3 but does not send you the same places, but also brings more unknown battlefields of the Second World War, like Italy or North Africa.

Crossfire: Legion

Blackbird Interactive | 2022 | PC, PS5, CSX
There are still a Crossfire: Legion just screenshots Source: Blackbird Interactive to Crossfire Legion is not really known. The real-time strategy title was revealed to the E3 by Koch Media and is planned for 2022. The scenario lends itself to the game from Multiplayer shooter Crossfire, who brings his single player to the XBOX next year with Crossfire next year. The science fiction impact could make Crossfire Legion interesting especially for Star craft players. With single player and multiplayer should also plug enough game food in the package. Now the game only has to be shown finally.

Cult of the Lamb

Massive monster | 2022 | PC, PS5, PS4, HBO, CSX, NSW
Cult of the Lamb is in the skin of a possessed sheep. Source: Massive Monster Cult of the Lamb is probably the most disturbing game on the list. Finally, here we play an obsessed sheep that his own, dark cult is founded to mission the animals of the forest or sacrifice the tentacle monster — depending on.
The game is mixed upstairs and dungeon crawler. Because on the one hand you are traveling with sword and magic in a top world with caves and monsters. On the other hand, you also have to build your warehouse, assign your faithful orders and become more powerful. A Wild Mix, which looks very exciting and should definitely keep it on the screen for 2022.

Dark Moon

Jujube S.A. | 2022 | PC
The dark side of the moon explores her in Dark Moon. Source: Jujube S.A. The question: Do you live behind the moon ?? You can answer in Dark Moon with a clear yes. At least if you sent you. Because during a sun tower on Earth has done the total chaos and the communication with the home has failed, you have to try to survive. You have a mobile base with which you crawl over the surface of the moon — always on the hat in front of the evil sunbeams. Be sure to save your resources, build your base and make decisions about your crew.

The settlers

Ubisoft Düsseldorf | 2022 | PC
In January 2022, there is finally a new sign of life of the Settler series. Source: Ubisoft For a long time it was silent for the new part of the settlers. Actually, the game should appear in 2020, but then Ubisoft pulled the ripper and moved it indefinitely. The construction title was announced as a back to the roots. For this you had with Volker Valley even the inventor of the series on board. But as the team writes, they needed more time to optimize. Shortly before the end of the year, the team finally returned. Already in January 2022 there is a new update to the game, and we very much hope that it will appear soon.

Diplomacy is not on option

Door 407 | 26. January 2022 | PC
Huge bulk slaughter await you in diplomacy is need for option. Source: Door 407 The life of a king is not easy. Especially when thousands of rebels or either monsters stand in front of the castle walls. In diplomacy is need for option is the absolute reality. The title impresses with its huge opponents, which on a collision. The game is based on They are trillions — only in the Fantasy Middle Ages. As a tyrannical king, you have to expand your fortress and then ward off the huge opponents. Especially for Stronghold-Burgenbauer, the game is worth a look and on Steam there is already a free demo to try out.

distant worlds 2

Code Force | March 10, 2022 | PC
Draws your galactic empire high in Distant Worlds 2. Source: Code Force For 4X space strategists offers 2,022 new food. With Distant Worlds 2 The sequel to the 2010 title is at in March. Which seems to be bone dry although again, but also to go incredibly deep. Galaxies with 2000-star systems and kits to set everything possible in the game exactly to your needs, there are only small glimpses of the new branch.

Dune: Spice Wars

Shirt Games | 2022 | PC
The battle for Arrays flares source on your PC: Shirt Games Again 4X strategy is with Dune: Spice Wars on. As the name suggests, you Lamont in the new game from the creators Northward for supremacy on Arrays. Here you go by combat, but also by diplomacy to the point and on the hunt for the legendary Spice.

The Farthest Frontier

Crate Entertainment | 2022 | PC
The Grim-Dawm-makers trying to build a game. Source: Crate Entertainment Who wants to establish a historic town which does not come past the Anna series. Yet away these Titans also other small beads wait of construction genres and Farthest Frontiers is such a candidate. The developers of Grim Dawn will likely push up with their own medieval building game of Banished and challenging. Bandits, diseases, and also a sophisticated field system with horrors and fertilizer use ensure a high degree of difficulty. But at least since Banished we also know how satisfying it can be when the settlement plan then rises.

Data Drum

42 bits Entertainment | Q1 2022 | PC
The gods’ simulation rose again. Source: 42 bits Entertainment All friends of Black & White may also delight the genre of the gods-building games returns with Data Drum. As God Almighty, it’s in your hands, in the direction that the kingdom. You are good, you celebrate the subjects, but also cruel gods can be successful if they perform powerful blood rituals or transform believers equal to mindless zombies. Here, it competes with other gods and there, the more followers you gather among you, the more powerful you will.


Covenant.dev | 2022 | PC
Dark and brutal it is in Good Source: Covenant.dev Pretty bleak is the way of GOOD. There, the king sent out a small force people to the forbidden land scout out and establish a base. Have you expanded your camp something you dare, you kick into the woods? Only been waiting since a lot of horror on you, like oversized spiders, tree monsters and nasty curses. This in turn affects everything on the mental health of your settlers and there ensues a fight for survival and salvation of your soul.

Great Houses of Caldera

Resistance Games | Q2 2022 | PC
Intrigues, plots and traps are the most important part in Great Houses of Caldera Source: Resistance Games It’s actually né absolute shame that there is no perfect strategy game of Thrones, but only a ballpark browser game…
Great Houses of Caldera, reaches at least the vibe of the medieval fantasy series and lets you conduct a complete Dynasty. Each family member has it different properties. These strong emphasis on diplomacy features that allow their plots spinning or forging pacts. With a cool name system you can give rise and rename lands even myths around your house by your deeds.

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