Tank Repair Shim Tank Mechanic Simulator Delete from STeam Store by DMCA Infringement Interior of Original Mouse Tanks without permission

Generals reveal that the tank repair simulator Tank Mechanic Simulator receives a DMCA deletion notification and has been removed from the Steam store.

The problem was the interior part of the tank mouse implemented in the PC version of PC version of September 2021. According to development, we collect photos and drawings when introducing new vehicles, and reproduce 3D models, but for mice, it seems to have found and used the plastic model documentation that displays interval with a certain forum.

Development was considered that the document was the actual mouse model, but that document is found to be originally created in the image. It is said that 3D was made without the author’s permission and appeared in the game. After that, the interior part has been deleted by the update on December 22nd.

Valve is currently removing this work from the Steam Store based on the claim. Development reports that the problem part has been deleted to Valve, and it is a situation where you want to re-open the store page. Development and creators are currently working to communicate and are working on peaceful solutions.