Serious problems with various Call of Duty games are reported

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A couple of weeks ago it was revealed that part of the Quality Activision Quality Assurance team was dismissed. This resulted in a strike on the part of the workers of this division, which is still underway. Now, this decision has finally proven to have serious repercussions, since Multi-Title Recall of Duty players report serious problems.

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Since last week, social networks and site like Reddit, have been filled with comments where Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War, Vanguard and War zone, are experiencing serious problems of all kinds. From the Bugs and Glitches that prevent the correct functioning of the games, through errors to play online, until inconvenience that these experiences become unpacked.

At the moment, Activision has only been limited to indicating that they are already working to offer a solution, but have not offered more details. Among the cases that have been reported, it has been mentioned that boiler, the new map of war zone, has a series of glitches and bugs. In modern warfare it has been pointed out that the installation packets required to keep the game per day, simply do not work. The rest of the titles have similar inconveniences, such as weapons that do not harm enemies.

Recall that each Call of Duty game is in charge of a different team, which offers experiences with enough differences to merit a purchase. However, This period has shown that if only one piece of this gear fails, the rest of the team will soon succumb. In this case, it is the absence of the QA team what you have on the ropes to this franchise.

On related topics, collaboration between Call of Duty and attack on titan have been filtered. Similarly, the Government of Mexico accuses weapon manufacturers to finance video games.

Editor’s note:

This is the result of Activision actions. Create a toxic work environment, and then fire yourself from the team that keeps Call of Duty functional, they have as a consequence what is happening currently. The only solution is to comply with the demands of workers, something that the company is not willing to do.