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At six of the seven lion victories this season, Marcel Bar brought the ball at least once in the housing — as well as against the Würzburg lion victoriess. On the statistics, he opened the interview with magenta sport with a wide grin in the face and said that ‘Cello’ bear is warm in cold winter. The team performance of the lions was based on the will and the battle behavior — that’s 3rd league and so it can continue.

The opinion of the double door scorer also joined the coach Michael Killer, who saw good and concentrated football of his team in the last two games. The uncertainty at the beginning of the game was probably because Würzburg wanted to win with all power, and we played too careful. After 20 minutes we played the first balls early enough deep and then had two perfect counterattacks.

Now we make a beer on the way home.

Michael Killer

How to Keep Warm this Winter Life Hacks
The coach looked at the program after the winter break and expects a horny January with a DFB cup game against the KSC and the Derby against Turkish Cup. January offers many challenges and surprises. Now Christmas is still very right, and we turn on the way home a beer, said the good-humored 51-year-old in the winter break.