How to unlock the robot in Exit The Gungeon

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It is over time to drag a TV to the right place to access certain characters. The robot unlocks in the same way as the cult man and the bullet before him in ~ pork Dungeon.

How to unlock every character in Exit the Gungeon
The robot is the third and last character to unlock sort from the Dungeon. Technically, the unlocking of the robot can be done about at the same time as the unlocking of the cultist, but it requires an extra step.

How to unlock the robot

The unlocking of the robot seems unclear because there are some mixed ratios going up to the original version on Apple devices. The change in the configuration and progression of the game has finally made the unlocking of characters easier, but a little repetitive. Just like the sectors, the players will unlock the robot only after having escaped the dungeon with the four main characters. Unlike the cult man, players must also escape with bullet.

Another vague suggestion is to escape with five characters. However, as most seem to unlock the cult man and the robot at the same time, without completing the cultivator’s climb, it is likely that bullet is the key to access the robot.

In the first game, the robot liability was battery balls, giving it electric water immunity, resulted in increased water electrification and precision. This time, the reports suggest that the robot has a new liability called Blown Fuse. Blown Fuse is probably the best of the game, and why the robot is at the end. It creates an effect like a blank, causing the disappearance of enemy bullets coming in the opposite direction. Or as the game explains, transported to another kingdom.

The robot does not have a heart either. Instead, he gets an armor.

The robot is the third and last character to unlock to join the casting sort from the Dungeon unless the Gunslinger joins via an update, which is unlikely given the origins of the game and the original admit announcement indicating that it There would be seven characters in total.

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