The Royale Battle are the favorite genre for mobile games users according to a study

Top 10 Best Battle Royale Games on Mobile

Mobile video games are one of the ‘legs’ in which the most growth is recorded year after year, as it is an accessible device for the whole world and also offers higher quality games. Now, a study details more which are the favorite games of the users of this aspect.

An analysis carried out by the auditor Uptown Throughout this year, it reflects that games like Pub Mobile, Free Fire and Fortnite are the most popular games in the world on Android devices. Interestingly, all of them belong to the genre Battle Royale, which means that this new way of playing is not a fashion, but has come to stay.

The study also reflects that the free games or free-to-play are the most demanded around the world, due precisely what we can try them at no cost; And expenses only come if we stay with some of their microtransactions. This also makes them Accessible proposals for everyone, since they also adapt to middle or low-end telephones specifications.

As for own names, PUBG emphasizes with respect to others, since it has surpassed 150 million discharges only in 2021 ; Serving the total 500 million. The keys, those mentioned above thanks to their adaptability and the success that it has in markets such as China. Free Fire follows you with 43 million downloads and Third Fortnite with 16 million.

The study highlights the success of other gender titles, such as Brawl Stars, which adds almost 12 million downloads or AMONG US, which stays close to 8 million.