Sparrows without Fink Ulms Routinier falls against Offenbach

It goes closely at the top of the Regionally Suggest: with 44 meters already greet the Regionalliga Südwests Offenbach from the top of the table, closely followed by the dot ulcer and Mainer, which each with 43 points — but a game more than the leaders — on the top spot squint. For the annual financial statements, it depends on Saturday (2 pm) for the direct meeting of the Elmer sparrows with the Regionalliga Südwests Offenbach. For Ulm coach Thomas World An outstanding game to the conclusion.

Mentality against dimensional strength

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In order to insist in this, according to him, it really needs one thing: It will be a matter of mentality. We have to mobilize everything we still have in the tank, says World, who is sure that my team will get out of everything. Against a robust opponent who is currently good in motion, the 39-year-old is also aware of the difficulty of the task: The OF has reinforced extremely in summer, they have super single players. These come with nine victories from the last ten games to the Danube and with 13 counterparts after 20 lots the best defense of the league.

Fink missing, Beck brilliant

Ironically against the Followers The Regionalliga Südwests falls with Anton Fink an experienced and dragged striker of the homeowners. A muscle injury brakes the record scorer of the 3rd league, but could not achieve a hit in eight missions in the current season. Woolen, who ran as a player in the 2nd Bundesliga himself for the Regionalliga Südwests, but already has an idea of ​​how he can compensate for this: We also have a very goal-dangerous midfielder, which gives us many possibilities.

One of them is Adrian Beck. The offensive midfielder is with seven trumpets with seven trumpets. He achieved one of these goals at the 2-1 first leg success and paved his team the way to the first victory at the Venerable Bitterer Berg after 27 years. At that time, Fink was replaced in the final phase — after the Ulm had already turned the game. The sparrows can therefore fly without your fink in the storm tip to the table-top. Everything a question of mentality.