From the dream DHB women in the World Cup

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Home flight instead of semi-finals: The dream of the first World Cup medal for 14 years has burst for Germany’s handball women. The DUB selection lost on Tuesday evening in the quarterfinals of the World Cup against hosts Spain at 21:26 (10:14) and returns to the home without the long-awaited precious metal. Best thrower for the team of national coach Hank Greener was in front of 2000 spectators in Rollers back room player Julia Maidhood with six goals.

After the weak performance in the hearing 16: 32 bankruptcy against Denmark at the end of the main round, the German team had sworn: that does not happen again. This attitude was to feel from the first second. The defense was first like a wall and barely left the Spaniards a gap. In addition, Portray Dinah Eberle gave additional security in the initial phase with some parades.

The reward was a fast 3: 0 guidance after five minutes, which Spain’s coach Jose Ignacio Grades led to an early break. The first goal in the game succeeded the World Cup host only after eight minutes. Although not all as desired in the German selection in the attack, but thanks to convincing defensive performance, the projection was initially kept constant at three to four goals.

Greener Concert: We throw the balls on the front too easy


In the middle of the first half, however, some technical mistakes fell together, so that Spain could shorten to 5: 7. We throw the balls on the front too easy, Greener roared in the break. But the flow was then — and the lead at 8: 8 (22nd) too. Shortly thereafter, the German team was back in the game for the first time.

Now the DUB women weakened in the cover and ran on their own attacks again and again at the Spanish defense. To all overflow Alina Grijseels awarded a seven meter at 9:12. So it went with a four-goal residue in the pause.

After the change, Katharina filed filters for Eberle into German gate. The Beach European Champion gave with some parades the urgently needed support. Step by step, the DUB team fought back into the game — without shortening the residue decisively. But body language and will vote.

Only briefly hope in half two

In the middle of the second half seasoned at the 17:19 again hope — which was a little later after a 3-0 run of Spain. Although the DUB team was no one time, there was awarded the best opportunities and could not force the turning. At the end of the World Cup trip there was frustration instead of jubilation.

Spain — Germany 26:21 (14:10)

Spain: Castellanos Loaned, Navarro Giménez — Campos Costa 7/4, Marcos Moved 4, Etxeberria Martinez 3, Fernandez Raga 3/2, Martin Banger 3/2, Cabral Barbosa 2, Hernandez Serrano 2, Gutierrez Termed 1, Rodriguez 1, Arteries Martin, Cesar Romero, Espinoza Perez, Gamma Cissokho, Lopez Jimenez
Germany: Eberle (Team Esther), Filter (Buxtehude SV) — Maidhood (SG BBM Bietigheim) 6/4, Schmoozer (CS Gloria 2018) 4, Grijseels (Borussia Dortmund) 3, Half (Tu’s Memmingen) 2 / 1, Lauenroth (SG BBM Bietigheim) 2, Shock (Borussia Dortmund) 2, Berger (Borussia Dortmund) 1, Smith (SG BBM Bietigheim) 1, Brons-Petersen (Us Memmingen), Book (Ferencvarosi TC), Reinhardt (Tu’s Memmingen), Schulz (SG BBM Bietigheim), Stockholder (Neckarsulm SU), Stole (Ferencvarosi TC)
Referees: Karina Christian sen (Denmark) / Line Hesseldal Hansen (Denmark)
Spectators: 2565