Wow extends the magic tower gives you a lot more time

The magic tower in World of Warcraft leads to frustration. Blizzard gives you more time to insist the particularly hard challenges.

Currently, there is little to do in World of Warcraft. New content from patch 9.2 can still be waiting. The only bright spot is the magic tower, which is currently active during the time immigration: Legion is active. Here, the heroes of Zeroth just make special skins and even a fancy riding. But the time pressure sits many in the neck. Now there was first relief from Blizzard.

What is changed? Actually, the magic tower should have disappeared again on December 22, because then the time immigration ends: Legion. In the official forum, Blizzard has now announced that the tower will remain openly longer than planned. Until January 4, 2022, the tower remains open.

This should take some pressure from the players and so many a person will cause the tower to tackle with another class.

What is the magic tower?
In the ministry tower you have to master a challenge tailored to your class. This is a pretty heavy boss struggle that comes from the times of Legion. Since your character values ​​are fixed here, the fight is quite demanding. This is rewarded with a great armor set (Tran smog) or even a riding.

Legion, Shadowlands Timewalking Event + (Mage Tower Timewalking)
Why did Blizzard do that? An exact justification of Blizzard did not exist. However, it seems obvious that the developers extend the event, as it came to numerous problems in the first 5 days. For many classes, the magic tower seems almost unexorcisable. Many hotfixes have already diminished first hurdles and balancing adapted. But still more adjustments appear daily, as tuning is simply not optimal.

A second reason should be that Blizzard wants to create another incentive with the ministry tower over the holidays, but look in World of Warcraft.

What about the other events? Although the magic tower will be active longer than planned, the other weekly events are not affected by the adaptation. They now overlap simply with the ministry tower, so basically two events will be active at the same time.

Have you already mastered the magic tower and earns the skins? Or do you fail at the high degree of difficulty and bit your teeth from it?