Neowiz P2E game 2 times next year

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[Kids News 24 Moon Young — Sew] Neo wiz (joint representative door, Kim Seung-cheol) opened the Global Taking site of P2E Golf Impact (Crypto Golf Impact and ‘Brown Dust’ On 10 days.

On a taking site, you can see a variety of information, including the launch schedule, including the trailer image of each game.

Crypto Golf Impact is a version of the Neo wiz Sports Mobile Games ‘Golf Impact’. With a simple operation, you can enjoy real-time PVP’s with your users, and provide a high immersion sense that expresses beautiful attractions worldwide. Crypto Golf Impact is formal in March 2022.

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The Turn strategy RPG ‘brownest’ recorded 5 million global cumulative users is also applied to the P2E system. More than 300 attractive mercenaries, illustrations, and rich stories. The Global Services of Browsers is preparing to update 2Q2012 in 2Q2022 with ‘Brave Nine’.

The P2E games, which are Neo wiz, are served as a blocked (Neo pin) platform, which is a blockchain, which is a blockchain, a blockchain. It is a system that allows users to play the game and gave a game coin, and the game coins can use or use this to use or utilize it to use the game content. It is scheduled to exchange the Neo pin token with each game coin to use game content.