The creator of NES and Super Nintendo Masayuki UEMura dies one of the great minds of the videogame

It is one of those sad days for the video game industry. Masaryk Femur has recently died in Japan at the age of 78, as reported from Archive. He is the creator of NEW and Super Nintendo, one of the brightest minds of interactive digital entertainment.

The Launch of the Super Nintendo (1991) | Classic Gaming Quarterly

UEM URA was born in 1943 in a poor Tokyo family, to later have to move to Kyoto as a result of the bombing of World War II. Due to the little money the parents of him, he began to invent his own toys, something that took him in the future to enter the Technological Institute of Chiba, where he graduated in computer science.

He went from selling semiconductors to create toys in Nintendo ended up leaving his job in Sharp, where he sold semiconductors, to be hired by Nintendo and the team of Junta Yoko in 1972, where he could fulfill his dream of developing toys. This would end up taking the company’s hardware division, being elected responsible for creating a machine that would play arcade games on a house television. Thus, he was born Nintendo Entertainment System, with Nintendo increased its popularity even more with SNES, also designed by it.

Masaryk Femur has left an important footprint in the video game industry and, in recent years, although advanced age, he had made some statements demonstrating that he was still linked to the world. He has left us very curious stories, like the birth of NEW, whose idea initially emerged during a party night. Undoubtedly, he will be remembered as what is: one of the brightest seniors in the history of video games.