G123 Eclair appeared in Vivid Army

BTW Corporation announced that the new Sister Hero Éclair was implemented at the HTML5 game Vivid Army distributed at the game service G123.
At the same time, in the game, events and gift sales can be acquired for éclairs.

BTW Corporation announces that the new Sister Hero Éclair has been implemented at the HTML5 game Vivid Army distributed at the game service G123.
In addition, in the game, we will carry out events and gift sales that can earn éclairs.

Plasma Saw Slater Éclair (SSR / Air Force)

Unilever the plasma is manipulated and used for anti-protection.

Plasmas in advance are accumulated in the five plasma balls behind, and the amount of energy per one is said to correspond to one week for a large city.

How to get

· Good luck treasure store
· Éclair gift

Learnable period

December 9th, 2021 (Thu) to December 15 (Wed)

※ After completing the period, it may be re-appeared.
※ The contents may change without notice.
※ For details, please check the announcement in the game.

Game start is here

Gameplay URL: HTTPS: //s.g123.jp/9vtihfze
Official Site: https://g123.jp/game/23

Game Title: Vivid Army
Genre: Real-time Strategy
Price: Basic Free (in-game item charge system)
Official Twitter: HTTPS: //twitter.com/vivid army

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