Pok mon Go Tour Details of Johto Reveales

Ni antic revealed some new details about his next event Pokémon Go Tour: Photo. Earlier this month, Ni antic confirmed that he will return his Pokémon Go Tour event for the second consecutive year, this time focusing on the Photo region explored in Pokemon gold and silver and his remake. Pokémon Go Tour: Photo will take place on February 26, and some select cities will have an event in person who will take place on February 27.

Pokémon GO Tour: JOHTO - Everything You Need To Know!

Like the previous Pokémon Go Tour, Pokémon Go Tour: Photo will have two tickets: a Gold version and a Silver version, each of which has its own exclusive Pokémon. Between the two versions, players will be able to catch all the Pokémon of the Photo region, either through meetings, incense, eggs or by evolution. The 100 Pokémon of Photo will also have his shiny shapes appearing in the game, many of which for the first time. Pokémon Go Tour: Photo will also have an exclusive special investigation of the event that will lead to an encounter with Celebs (with a special movement) along with a second story of Masterwork Research that will take a long period of time.

The two versions of tickets will have different exclusive Pokémon. The Gold version will have Spark, Guitar, Teddies and Man tine, while the Silver version will have Leda, Deli bird, Armory and Happy. The exclusive version of Pokémon will have higher shiny rates than normal, along with Chiquita, Cyndaquil, Crocodile, Igglybuff, NATU, Hop pip, Sunken, Miscreants, Wool buffet, Chuckle, Man tine and Lucia and Ho-Oh, according to the version. Of the ticket they buy.

Other benefits will include free remote incursion passes, 1/4 away egg hatching distance, double candy for eggs to incubate, additional sweets to capture certain Pokémon, free raid passes for rotating photographic discs and a medal in the game. All players, even those who do not buy a ticket, will continue to see Photo Pokémon in nature, in incursions and eggs. Her across and Cor sol will also appear in incursions around the world.

The events in person will have Pokémon of the Kant region as a tribute at the end of Pokemon gold and silver. The cities will be announced at a later date.