La Tale Remastered starts tomorrow morning A new version of the game that will change everything

About 1:00 PM Polish time will start a technical break, which is designed to enter the Remastered version along with the highest La Boom update.

A break in the operation of servers should take about six hours, so tomorrow morning we should receive a completely new face la tale.

What will change? Literally everything. LA Tale will be turned over 180 degrees.

It will appear for high resolution, we will get enlarged maps, nicer (more detailed) form models, rebuilt interface, prologue, character wizard, objects, new classes, arenas, bosses, tasks… and mass of other things will also be introduced.

Level up to 1500 FAST in La Tale! Ascension Burning Time!
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You also have the last chance to take advantage of the initial registration ( here ) and get acquainted with this whole package of attractive prizes. Including a ticket entitling you to change subclauses.

La Tale is the best next to Maple Story Side-Scroller update on the market. This is probably a sufficient recommendation that should convince you to play.

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