Also Game Seven between Carlsen and Nepo ends Remis

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Because the Friday’s game, in the Carlson with a victory in the longest game of World Cup history, ended the lead, only after midnight, two games have been played for the first time at a chess World Cup on the same day. He did not miss force, said Nepomnjaschi, even if he got less sleep than usual after the nearly eight-hour priority.

In a Spanish opening, the challenger decreased from the course of the fifth party in the 11th train and got the kind of small advantage, which often dissolves in air as Carlson expressed. It is basically hard to get out of the opening more than a small advantage. With some exact trains, the defending champion on the board produced the balance.

Magnus Carlsen vs Ian Nepomniachtchi || World Chess Championship (2021) || Game 6

Because remote bids are prohibited before the 40th train, both the second half of the game destroyed with undermined trains and shared the point in the 41st of Zug. The match runs well, but it’s a long way, Carlson said. In the eighth match on this Sunday, the 31-year-old Norwegian has the white stones.