Just Dance 2022 Nature Initiative leaves dancers for a good cause

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Ubisoft announces the starting signal of the Just Dance 4 Nature Initiative, which together with the Just Dance community wants to make a literally active contribution to nature conservation. Within the next six months, JUST DANCE 2022, 250 million calories are to be danced in Sweat mode.

In return, Ubisoft donates a sum of up to €50,000, which benefits the primeval forest project of Worship Waldakademie. The project is dedicated to the rescue and the preservation of old beech forests in the Eiffel and represents an important habitat for fauna and flora as well as a valuable CO₂ store. With the donation, a forest area can be leased in the Eiffel of up to 12,500 m2 and protected sustainably.

All in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which Just Dance 2022 play in the Sweat fashion in this period and thus burn calories, help to achieve the calorie goal and to support the Just Dance 4 Nature Initiative. Every month, three dancers and dancers, which show particularly much use, can receive a monthly price as a thank-you.

Real Dancers of Just Dance 2022 | Part 2

The Just Dance 4 Nature Initiative runs until 31 May 2022. The calorie level previously danced with the community level can be viewed as weekly progress on the official website from 8 December.