Everyone talks about COD Vanguard and Battlefield 2042 the best shooter 2021 goes under

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In November, three of the largest shooter rows of new offshoots launched: Cod Vanguard, Battlefield 2042 and Halo Infinite. The latter is currently considered the best shooter 2021, yet the attention is at the other franchises. An analysis.

What are the Games? Halo, Call of Duty and Battlefield. These are three of the world’s biggest shooter franchises. And each of these brands published their latest part in November. A big three-campaign, which took its beginning between November 5 and November 19th.

On November 5, COD Vanguard appeared, which plays in World War II and offers you both a campaign and a multiplayer.
On November 15, Surprisingly, the Multiplayer of Halo Infinite appeared. Originally a release was scheduled on 8 December, but the surprising shadow drop was then the Xbox anniversary. The campaign follows on the planned release, early December.
On November 19, the last Battlefield 2042 followed the series for the first time since Battlefield 4 relocated to a modern war setting and even plays in the near future. Unlike earlier offshoots, developers DICE focused on the multiplayer with its 4 game modes and renounced a campaign.

Each of the releases had his problems, yet one can speak of a clear winner. Hallo Infinite laid the better start at both the press and the players and is seen by many than the best shooter 2021.

Nevertheless, it also shows: Overall, much more frequently over Battlefield and Cod is spoken in Germany. We try to analyze and explain the data why Halo Infinite has won the Shooter Crown 2021 despite significantly smaller hype.

COD and Battlefield are much sought after in Germany than Halo

What can you recognize that? Thanks to Google Trends you can see pretty well, which the three big shooter is sought more frequently overall and thus generates more attention.

We looked at the last three months and compared all three. The result clearly shows: Halo Infinite simply does not contribute so much interest in how that is the case with COD or Battlefield.

Roughly speaking, the graphic used shows the interest in time history. 100 thus represents the highest search interest.

Yellow = Battlefield 2042

Red = cod vanguard
Blue = Halo Infinite

In Germany, you can see that Battlefield 2042 and COD Vanguard have more interested in players than Halo Infinite. That had his highlight just about the release and that was not even big.

Only recently, the games are closer to each other, the longer their releases are back. The interest in Halo rises a little while it sinks at COD and Battlefield.

What is the whole worldwide? Worldwide the situation is changing especially from Release of Halo Infinite for the shooter, but here too it was long behind the competition:

For a long time, COD and Battlefield were far from Halo. Only with the release of the games one sees that Halo now interested even more players worldwide than at COD or Battlefield. Maybe the declining interest in the competitors with their mixed releases is related.

These could be the reasons for the differences: A clear factor that affects the interest is the platforms for which a game appears. Hallo Infinite has a decisive disadvantage over the competition: It is only playable on the PC and the Xbox consoles.

Since the shooter does not appear on PlayStation consoles, there is a huge part of the games shank, which simply has no access to the game and, accordingly, should have a maximum of a small interest in it.

Here, COD and Battlefield with their established fan basis are significantly in the advantage. But it could also play a further factor a role:

Halo Infinite was already available over 2 years ago, on which E3 2019 was announced.
The predecessor, Halo 5, appeared on October 27, 2015, and is therefore over 6 years. This did not matter very well with the players.
Halo Infinite has been moved several times since then. The first look at the campaign came so badly at fans that the game had to be postponed — and so even missed the launch of the new Xbox console.

All this has attracted attention and anticipation for a new halo. Meanwhile, COD constantly provides a new offshoot and anticipation for a new Battlefield with a modern war setting was quite large.

Well, a few weeks later, Halo Infinite seems to have had a successful release as the only one of the three titles, although the campaign has not even appeared.

Already in July I have discussed that and despite a larger Hype Halo before Battlefield seen:

Halo Infinite win votes and player numbers

why Halo has this fight in his favor: It is not easy to compare the three games together on bare data. Cod Vanguard, for example, appeared only on Battle.net. There is thus no user scores, such as on Steam. There is, however, to be found on Metacritic.

Battlefield 2042 and Halo Infinite are both on Steam, but running alongside on other launchers such as the Xbox PC HUB or the Origin of EA Launcher. There, too, there are no reviews.

Nevertheless, one can certainly draw comparisons:

Battlefield 2042 received on Steam 63,000 reviews — of which only 35% positive (via Steam). On Metacritic it received depending on the platform 64 to 69 points by the critics. The user score is 2.2 to 3.0. (Via Metacritic)
Cod Vanguard received on Metacritic 72-74 points, the user score is 3.5 to 5.1. (Via Metacritic)
In Halo Infinite there are clear data only on Steam. Here rated over 89,000 players to free-to-play shooter. The game comes on 80% positive reviews. (Via Steam)

When the players Halo Infinite thus well ahead of Cod and Battlefield. A statistic to Metacritic does not yet exist, as the game officially appears only on 8 December.

But also show the number of players: Halo Infinite is clearly ahead of Battlefield 2042 and was its players since release hold at least better.

Came Battlefield 2042 to start yet on over 100,000 simultaneous players, drop the numbers for a few weeks constant. Now the game comes to a maximum of 30,000 concurrent players per day. It has lost so in a few weeks as much as 70% of the players.
Halo Infinite is fairly constant and has cracked almost daily the 100,000 mark since release. In the first weeks, it even went up more than 200,000 players.
While Halo is a F2P title, yet it carries even more weight that so many Steam players who have paid for Battlefield 2042, have already lost interest.

As the figures in Cod Vanguard look, unfortunately, can not be said. There are no statistics on Battle.net.

Although Halo Infinite better arrives with the players and critics and at least more players than Battlefield, the competition gets a lot more attention.

Why won the fight despite less attention Halo? Ultimately, there is probably simple reasons.

For one thing straight Battlefield 2042 had a release, the technical problems, missing features and controversial design decisions was marked.

On the other Cod Vanguard unable to construct a so right hype and sold 40% fewer offspring than the previous Cod Cold War. Blame also the setting in World War II: Few players can still get into it.

Hallo Infinite had little to no technical problems and is also free. Thus, significantly more players look at the shooter that might have otherwise never looked inside.

It is also possible that disappointing Cod and Battlefield player could have landed so at Halo. Thus, it was able to use the time and shine in addition to the competition with impeccable gameplay and rounder technology.

Of course there is criticism even when Halo Infinite. First and foremost, progress system is approximately complained about the Battle Pass. Also leaked Shop prices came with the fans not good.

Here, the developer promised but been improvement. Whether Halo Infinite can prevail in the long term against the shooter competition remains to be seen.

At the present time but the evidence suggests that this is the shooter crown has torn 2021 under the nail. However, the main interest will probably be always at Battlefield and Cod.

But what do you think about this topic? Do you find such presents analyzes exciting? Or you are interested in the comparison less? I would like to read your comments.

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