Arcane The end of Season 1 explains what does that mean for Season 2

The end of Season 1 of the Lol SeriesArcane was fantastic — but there is a lot to discuss. What exactly was there to see?

The end of the first season of Arcane is in the eyes of most viewers not less than a masterpiece. The last episode has delighted with a fantastic rating of 9.8 / 10 points on IMDb not only fans of League of Legends, but also most, which maybe could not do anything with the games’ universe.

And yet the end of Arcane is controversial. For one, it’s a gigantic cliff slope that leaves far too many questions open. For the others, it is a fulminant finale that provides enough answers and represents the perfect preliminary conclusion.

ARCANE Ending Explained & Season 2 Theories!
Spoiler warning: The article deals with the history of Arcane up to and including the 9th episode. Who has not seen the consequences yet, should do it again? That’s mandatory.

In the for the time being of the last episode of Arcane, the creators of the series have set up a fair celebration. Almost all actions have been merged to experience its highlight with an explosive finale — in the truest sense of the word.

Jinx collects the protagonists and antagonists and leads them to a common table. Both Silo, VI and also Caitlyn can be seen in this long, last sequence in which it is about the mind and identity of Jinx and Powder.

That Jinx is responsible at the end with your weapon directly that Silo is shot and dies to the wounds, a tragic repetition of the tragedy from Episode 3. Jinx wanted to find a solution, a possibility of how you love the people you love — Both as Jinx as well as Powder — to be merged and rescued.

Ultimately, it is only this merging of the characters contributing to escalation and causes Jinx Silo shoots. Even if Silo designates her at the end of love as perfect, Powder has killed her father’s figure through its own actions at this moment. Once again, it has been confirmed that she is a Jinx and brings all humans around him only misfortune and destruction.

Jinx is an English term and stands for misfortune, Seabird or damned / R. So if characters in Arcane say that Powder is a Jinx or she has ver-jinx-t again, they play on the fact that they always bring bad luck and mischief for all those involved.

Something that Jinx recognizes and accepts after a short grief. She is a Jinx, it will always be — and it has no purpose trying to prevent that. So she fulfills the supposedly long-hired desire of her father, completes the hex tech weapon and fires it on the Council of Plover.

Particularly tragic is that Jinx also destroys the legacy of Silo — because it was about to reach peace and to significantly improve the situation of Zhao’s residents. The hex tech weapon should exist as a threat, not as actual attack option.

The firing of the rocket is at the same time a worthy completion of the series, even if the impact will not be shown directly and only be answered in the coming years.

For alone the decision to fire the rocket, severe consequences, both for single faults of the protagonists and for Piltobever and Shaun. The war, which should be avoided from both sides, is now inevitably started. The shot marks the first, real attack on the leadership rates of Plover and is at the same time an incomprehensible power demonstration of what Hex-Tech can arrange in the wrong hands.

Lastly, the firing of the rocket marks the guaranteed death of a character — namely Powder. With the decision to fire the Hex tech weapon Jinx has not only wiped out the life of numerous residents in Plover, but also the remains of Powder murdered, which still have put in her.

The fantasy song What Could Have Been

Of particular importance is also the song that is played in the last few minutes, What Could Have Been. The lyrics of this song summarize the final again and reflect the whole tragedy that stands in these moments.

I Am The Monster You Created ( I am the monster you created ) is directly related to Jinx. It is not only the result of your own actions, but was created above all from external influences. The Monster Jinx was created by violating Vi Powder — that Jinx already said a few minutes before, when she explained that not Silo Jinx had created, but was responsible.

You Ripped Out All My Parts ( You’ve torn all parts from me ) is equally directed to VI and Silo again. The events since Episode 3 have ruined more and more of Powder’s personality, the lovable girl destroys gradually.

And worst of all, for me to live, i have to kill the part of me that saw — that needed you more ( and worst about it, so I can live, I have to kill the part of me saw — that I needed you more ). This also describes the inner conflict that Powder and Jinx had discharged with himself. She needed both VI and Silo to be able to insist, clinging successively to these two characters. The line That I needed you more can be easily continued with when you.

Powder needed VI as it was left behind at the end of Episode 3. That looked out for Powder as if her love for VI would be greater than vice versa — a disappointment she restarted with him. The same repeats years later with Silo. As Silo to Sanders Statue think about whether he should deliver Jinx to get Shaun in return. Here Jinx once more feels the threatening betrayal and recognizes the approaching pain that results from Silo more than he was Jinx — even if that was a loss.

I Hope You Know We Had Everything ( I hope you know that we had everything ) is sung at the moment when the series shows the advice of Plover, which is just right for peace. For a brief moment the protagonists really had everything. There was a view of peace, there was a way to save powder in Jinx and even curb the conflicts between VI, Silo, Caitlyn and Jinx. For a tiny moment, this condition prevailed — before the song with When You Broke Me and Left Thesis Pieces ( as you have broken me and remains ).

Jinx wants to express the pain you feel about the loss of Silo, your own being as a powder and thus also your sister VI. The song continues with I Want You to Hurt Like You Hurt Me Today ( I want you to hurt, as you hurt me ) and makes it quite clear that Jinx does not see any other choice.

I Want You to Like I Lose, When I Play ‘What Could Have Been’ ( I want you to lose as I lose when I play ‘What could be’ ). That too pushes a further time the pain that Jinx feels and has built up for years. With the launch of the rocket, she ensures that others who have done this suffering to fight with similar conscience.

The explosion will demand many lives — and at least VI is likely to accuse the rest of their own life that they could not save powder and always reflect what could have been — if they had never left powder.

What happens to the characters?

Even without knowing who the explosion damages, more or less openly obvious, with which setting season 2 will begin and what development some characters will go through. Especially obvious appears here:

Caitlyn’s hatred of Jinx will rise, because it will inevitably lose your mother in the explosion. A chance of forgiveness seems excluded.
VI will desperate that you did not manage to save Powder in Jinx. This also burdens your relationship with Caitlyn.
Echo is drawn into the war between Hash and Plovers and must defend his small highestum.
Erika is likely to take control of the chem barons and thus the substrate of Plover.
The explosion will reveal victor whose body has already changed by the hex tech core. This will lead to further division between him and Jayce.
The peace plans of Jayce will end. He will survive the explosion and promote the research of hex-tech weapons to point Shaun into his barriers.
Singed will promote its experiments in the starting war between Hash and Plovers and thus conclude the creation of Warwick from Sanders remains.
The remaining council members, apart from Victor, Jayce and Mel are pretty sure dying. If that was not the case, the explosion would have too little impact and the consequences of the final would be too low.

A little in the suspension is still the fate of Mel Madeira. Her golden ornaments light up shortly before the impact of the rocket. Whether that was a magical protection or just the reflection of the light of the rocket is uncertain. It would be well possible that it also dies in the explosion, which Jayce continues to radicalize and at the same time Mel’s Mother moves to turn on in the conflict. Alternatively, Mel could survive the attack and instead strongly injured her mother or even killed, which in turn gives Mel possibly war resources from Nexus.

Of course, all of these character developments at this time are only assumptions, but they seem to be the most obvious consequences resulting from the end.

In the end, of course, we have no choice but to wait for the release of Season 2 or at least the first trailers with moving pictures. Nobody should expect too soon, because it was already announced that one should not expect the release in 2022. Accordingly, there will be new information at the earliest 2023.