Review of the Sims 4 Kit Blooming Rooms

Sometimes you just need a few pieces of greenery to bring this piece. Since Sims 4 came out for some time now, the evidence available may seem a bit exhausted. But now with the kit Blooming Rooms Sims 4, we now have many new green items to us.

The kit The Sims 4: Blooming Rooms is the 8th set to come out this year. The kits are small packs containing additional bonuses which affect an instance Sims, both in terms of gameplay, CAS or objects of construction / purchase. Blooming Rooms kit is the perfect addition to Sims 4. It improves the quality of life for your Sims animating and refreshing their environment. At $4.99 per kit, it’s a decent value for the items you get.

Of all the kits that are out, I think this one is my favorite. We have 24 new objects to play with. Each article has a decent amount of samples that perfectly fit the theme you are looking for. This is the perfect package for builders to complete the greenhouse or to add a touch of green to their home.

In Blooming Rooms kit, we receive not only plants, but also a decent amount of new furniture and wall objects. Design coffee tables and glass side tables has a classy yet modern look, perfect for this open living room or outside that sparkles on the patio. The new shelf tea has great almost rustic charm. If you have space, you can add the shelf giant geometric plants which comes in quite funky colors and modern.

There is also a luminaire with a hanging plant attached. There is a beautiful vine curtain has only fantastic or above of another curtain to give your room a magical charm. I had some problems to place the vine curtain where certain elements overlapped. This did not bother me because the overall appearance was still so beautiful.

There are plants and fantastic decorations of different sizes. Some elements are sufficiently small to a comfortable apartment, other important enough to occupy an entire wall. As usual with the Sims 4, each item is cleverly named and has rather interesting and amusing descriptions. I can not forget to mention the adorable Calcines suburban alias pretty vases animals! With 12 different color combinations, you can decorate your desktop or areas that allow small objects with a pig, a dog or a hedgehog.

Although I really like this kit is that everyone should have for his game? While it is always nice to have a range of plants and furniture planted, we usually get new green items to each extension. The Romantic Garden Stuff Pack included both plants and CAS objects. Blooming Rooms kit may not appeal to some. If someone could only buy one kit, the purchase of Bust the Dust kit would probably be best, because it affects the gameplay. Or get the Courtyard Oasis for exotic furniture.

NEW PLANTS ???? // The Sims 4 Blooming Rooms Kit Build & Buy Overview

Although everything can not be easily used for some constructions, the Blooming Rooms kit is a wonderful addition. The articles are well-thought-out, and we can not forget the fabulous number of samples we obtained with each item. You can not go wrong by adorning your spaces with plants, and $4.99, as the plunge.