According to TsitsiPas Gate ATP wants to limit toilet breaks to five minutes

After the controversy for extensive toilet breaks in tennis, the ATP wants to limit them to a maximum of five minutes. This confirmed the players’ association of the men of the news agency AFP on Monday.

Accordingly, the break should be limited in the coming season to a maximum of three minutes, from the moment the player enters the toilet. Two additional minutes should serve to change the outfits, an ATP spokesman said.

In addition, each player should only be granted a toilet break per game, these interruptions can only be inserted between two sentences.

This year there were several incidents related to the legal, but also questionable breaks. Thus, the world-ranking Novak Djokovic had set a long break during the second round of French Open against Lorenzo Musette as well as in the final against Stefano Tsitsihar — and then turned the lots.

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Tsitsihar also disappeared for a long time. For example, in the first round of the US Open, when the Greek defeated the British Andy Murray. Murray said later, he lost every respect for Tsitsihar after this incident.