Ronaldo surprises with a new Twitch channel the exfutolist demonstrates his skills in Cod Warzone

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Ronaldo has earned the heart of millions of football passionate throughout a career that took him to the top of sport, being considered one of the best strikers of history. However, the exfutolista has now begun to test other land and, following with a passion of its own, it has premiered a twitch channel where you will retransmit your experiences with video games, something that has begun with games in Call of Duty : War zone.

I felt a growing need to connect with you, interact, to give Ronaldo, as the half Millennium points out, which is right now the current President of Real Valladolid has opened unexpected Ronaldo TV, where he teaches Your skills at the Battle Royale de Activision. However, this is not a spontaneous decision, because it was already known that the well-known athlete likes it Invest the free time of it in video games. And now, with the Twitch channel of him, he not only reiterates this thought, but also shows that they are given pretty good.

With the isolation of the pandemic, I felt a growing need to connect with you, interact, give up, I started playing more and the world of video games, which was already fascinated, entered my routine once by All, says Ronaldo. However, beyond your taste for this digital medium, you do not mean the versatility of Twitch as a platform: Like you, I also saw many lives, I was more interested in the digital universe and for the way you young They are changing habits and, consequently, consumption patterns.

Of course, Call of Duty: War zone is a perfect title for the exfutbalist to retransmit dozens of confrontations, although the Battle Royale is already preparing for its integration in Call of Duty: Vanguard. It will be necessary to see how this union is developed, because at the moment several players have experienced problems with the last delivery of the franchise. However, the creators continue to improve their shooter and, by step, they are adding new content.