Disney will allocate 33 MMDD in content production for 2022

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Regardless of what purposes about Disney +, there is no doubt that the service has offered a lot of original content since its debut a few years ago. And it is that with franchises like Marvel and Star Wars under his name, there are many things that can do so much at movies and on television. Now, the mouse company announced that they will be increasing their budget for the creation of content in 2022.

The Walt Disney Company confirmed that by 2022 they will allocate up to $33 billion in content, which represents an increase of $8 billion with respect to 2021, where they spent $25 MDD. Although much of this money will surely be spent on cinematographic productions, there are other expenses that Disney should consider.

WALT DISNEY Studios Movies for 2021-2022 - Disney News - May 6, 2021

For example, Disney must also pay for the transmission rights for NFL, NHL, NBA, and NCAA, sports that we can find within the catalog of ESPN +, that can also be achieved In package with Disney +. Also have a similar destination.

Editor’s note: Disney is definitely not losing time as to the production of original content. The mouse company had a 2021 full of exclusive shows and movies of their streaming service, and it is evident that they will not want to go down the rhythm for next year. In any case, maybe we even see many more things in less time.