Robin Hood Bow for New World Amazon Prime

Hopefully you have brought you already to you, the different Games blockbusters, which has existed for some time for free via Prime Gaming. November 2021 is almost around and then new free games take their place. The Prime Gaming Offer for December 2021 can also be seen quiet.

All free prime games in December

In the course of December 2021, according to Amazon, the following games are to be offered for free:

Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit (in the test) The hottest racing machines in the world are on wild chases that drive the pulse of the players properly in height.
Frost punk (in the test) In the survival and social construction game of 11bit studios, players lead the last city of the earth and have to build both the infrastructure of the metropolis and their population.
Journey to the Savage Planet (in the test) As the latest recruits of Kindred Aerospace, the fourth best, interstellar space exploration company, have to find out the players with limited experience and equipment, whether the Planet Ary-26 It is suitable for being populated by humans. I wish you success!
Football Manager 2021 In this dynamic, lifelike management experience, players build their skills and successes and try to as a heart of their club to the elite manager.
MORDRED A physics-based co-op Dniester game where players master the unique control with two characters, providing their loyalty in a world full of dark secrets and reveal the challenging balance between light and shadow.

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Spell caster University Players slip into the role of the rector of a magical university in a world of heroic fantasy. The rector must build rooms, train students, fight against Orcs, make the bureaucrats make the grant and manage a budget… the university life is anything but boring!
YouTubers Life Who wants to become the most successful YouTuber of the planet, which must create videos, win new subscribers, participate in events, interact with fans and do anything to expand his channel.
Stubby The Zombie in Rebel Without A Pulse It goes back to 1959 to Punch bowl, Pa. Where the law against a dead with a mission has no chance.
Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack Guy brush Threefold, which robbed Le chuck on explosive nature of its magic, promptly infects the entire Caribbean with the Voodoo forces of the villain, whereupon harmless unlucky danger transforms in wild pirate monsters to become.

New skins for New World!

Via Prime Gaming, however, you can not only use games for free, but also in-game items for a wide variety of online games. Especially exciting could be about the new World skins for you. Currently, there is about a few days long the Robin-Hood bow, suitable for the armor that you can snap in October, as well as the emote fingerprint and 5 x Amazon orange color package. For the next few weeks is scheduled:

Autumn King Package 1 (Clothing Skin Set) from 23 November 2021
Autumn King Package 1 (Weapon Skin Set) from 7 December 2021
MIME Package (Content Package) from 21 December 2021

New World: Robin Hood Pack #2 Amazon Prime Gaming Loot

If your Prime account has your Prime account associated with Steam, the activated In game Items for New World automatically end up in your inventory. About Change Skin you can activate the new outfits and weapons designs. More information about this on the Prime Gaming website. There you can unlock the skins and games.

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