SEGAs Super Game project will not be exclusive to Microsoft platforms

A few weeks after announcing his intention to conclude an alliance of a technological nature with Microsoft, SEGA returned to this press release by confirming that this reconciliation will not result in a counterpart that would make its project Super Game exclusive to Xbox platforms.

Sega, Microsoft eye cloud gaming alliance

As a reminder, the Super Game is the name that SEGA gave its initiative to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in large-scale online and community games that would begin to go out on the horizon 2025-2026. To help him in his business, SEGA got closer to Microsoft to set up a high-end work environment built around the Azure Cloud, responsible for a good part of the current fortune of the multinational.

And to the extent or a game like Phantasm Star Online 2, which is released in the West with the help of this same Azure platform, is still not available at home on PlayStation and Switch, it was legitimate to Ask if this alliance would translate into an exclusive contract between the publisher and the manufacturer. But Segas management clarified the situation as part of a presentation the NGC site reports.

We already have an important professional relationship with Microsoft. As a third party, we have outsourced the development of their large-scale games, said a spokesman for the company, referring to the work of his studios on Halo Wars 2 (343 Industries) and Age of Empires 4 (Relic Entertainment). Note that Sega and Microsoft also agree very well in the field of Xbox Game Pass ( Yakuza, Football Manager 2022, Humankind, Total War Warhammer 3 ).

When we announced the concept of Super Game, Microsoft has been sensitive to this vision, which leads to this ad. In this regard, we are not talking about distributing games to Microsoft exclusively, but rather to work together on great Game that will be delivered to the world with their technical support, then clarifies Sega, whose ambitions will always go well by a multiplatform distribution.