In Rust well swim to another server to get him This is the future of the game

Rust is growing all the time and unless this network survival definitely not everyone will appeal, no one denies that his creators are actively developing. Now they decided to mention what they work, that is, the possibility of getting into other servers in a quite unusual way.

Rust is divided into worlds, these official and private. Such servers have a specific number of players and from time to time (usually) are reset, because this is part of the game mechanics. There are no interservery rusts of attractions or such functions — each world is separate.

The ocean around the Rust world is a finished thing. Unfortunately, the creators did not tempt to add a flat world, so when a boat we will swim to the edge of water, we do not fall down. Instead, our boat disappears, and we are falling into the water where we are drowning.

Rust - Face The Music (Movie)

These two things are to change in Rust in the future and will even be connected! The creators work on the option of combining the game servers, or rather the possibility of passing from one to another, when we reach the end of the ocean of our world. It would open new opportunities for Raiding, and would allow interesting news in the game. The transition from the server to the server would remind you to reach a new island in the game.

At this point, we only know that this option was initially introduced only on selected official Rust servers — those who share the same reset time. All this so that it suddenly does not turn out that a hard armed army of savages arrives in your fresh world, where you all throw stones yet.

It is also not known what will be able to take with you on a boat to another server. Generally, this feature is only created, but the creators want to finally hit Rust. And you must admit that the solution proposed can be fascinating!