Ex BVB stars in Spain between alto flight and Tristesse

Thomas Delaney, Mike Merino, Paco Alsace and Alexander ISAF four players put on their football shoes currently in the Spanish Primer Division, which at times made their money in the recent past at Borussia Dortmund. How did the former BVB stars?

Thomas Delaney is the youngest BVB leaving, he moved toward Align, the Dane joined in the summer of 2021 the FC Seville. The departure from the Ruhr had in some way hurt, the 30-year-old confessed to the end of September in an interview with the kicker, ultimately Dortmund have, however, no longer offers the most important role him. Thats why I wanted to change, said the midfielder on.

Sounds understandable, but there is a catch, because a really important role not take Delaney also in Seville. Although the national team was nevertheless already twelve times for Nerviness on the court, over 90 minutes, however, he was only once with.

After all, the results are: News ranked Seville with 27 points in third place in the table, leaders Real Societal is extant only a counter and also has a longer game under his belt.

Speaking of Real Societal: In rows of the club from San Sebastián cavort with Merino and ISAF two players who tried their luck on career start in Dortmund — and crashing failed.

BVB-flops leave Real Societal dream

Merino hired in 2016 when BVB, was at that time as a great hope for the position in central midfield, but never took the right foot. After sobering nine competitive stakes followed in 2017 a much more successful loan to Newcastle United and 2018, the move to Real Societal.

In La Real Merino underpinned since then that the former laurels were absolutely justified. The 25-year-old is the undisputed key players, his team already captained the lawn and heard regularly in the squad of the Spanish national team. Liverpool should have been playing with the idea, according to English media to lure Merino to Anfield.

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Whether the Reds have chances of a commitment, time must show. If there is an offer, after all, has to Liverpool do not fear the competition of Chelsea. The Blues are currently known to be coached by Thomas Tuchel, the Merino once had BVB under his wing and found no line to the Spaniards.

Honestly, I still do not know exactly what he wanted from me and expected, Merino came after his off in Dortmund against Notices de Gipuzkoa against Tunnel after.

Also the new IRA failed BVB

Six months before Merino fled on loan to Newcastle, another alleged Super Talent decided with Alexander ISAF to switch to BVB. The Swede should not be less than the new Ibrahimović, shone in the black and yellow but usually only when the second team. For the professionals stood after two years, however, only a hit to book.

That he can do better, ISAF proved subsequently at a six-month loan to Willem II (18 inserts / 14 goals / 7 assists) and from 2019 in San Sebastián, where the 22-year-old is set in the attack (102 games / 38 goals). Rows of top clubs are said to have inquired after him, the 1.92-meter offensive player extended in the summer, however, until 2026 at Real Societal.

party atmosphere at BVB, Trustees in La Liga

In much better memory the BVB fans Paco Alsace may have. The striker, who was hired in 2018 from FC Barcelona and ultimately firmly committed for 21 million euros, made a name as a Super Joker.

Coming off the bench scored Alsace in his first eight league games ten goals. Only when he was in the starting on the 10th match day, he did not hit. Without Paco, no party, you were at that time agree in Dortmund.

Alsace was the Ruhr probably still not really warm and should have pushed for a return to Spain. A buyer was found in January 2020 at Villarreal.

The Yellow Submarine little is left of the party atmosphere, however. Although Alsace started promisingly, appeared from the beginning of 2021 but completely. A single Ligatörchen the 28-year-old in the current calendar year in La Liga achieved.

Certainly one reason that Villarreal is most dreary Ligamittelmaß. We need goals from Paco Alsace, coach UAI Emery stressed recently.

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