Wychnwood will bring the adventure on PC and consoles in December

Alimentary Games is a video game developer based in Toronto while White thorn Games is an independent video game editor that focuses on comfortable, easy-to-live, fun and stress-free games. The games are welcoming for all. The two companies announced that their last and next project, Lynnwood, will be released on December 9, 2021. Lynnwood should go out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

The date of release of the game has been confirmed via an official message on its Steam page indicating: Attar your Grimier and gather your potions, the time to make your spells approach! Although you forget, an agreement has been concluded, and you still have a debt to pay… The wait is finally over! Lynnwood will be released on December 9!

Watchword is pretty well presented in its one-minute trailer. The trailer begins by showing the main character gathering loot and objects on the floor before entering a craft menu. The trailer continues to present different conversations and pieces of dialogue. It also does a good job to show the different areas and environments to explore for players because the graphics are quite welcoming.

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In Watchword, players adopt the role of a mysterious witch who finds herself in the woods in a country of tales and fables who must explore, loot, manufacture and launch spells on different creatures and characters. The game includes difficult puzzles and monsters that need to be foiled. Are you ready to make your way to the top?

Interested fans may wish the game on Steam here.

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