See the Video Clip for Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Footfalls the Development s Official Motif

The Final Fantasy XIV team has been taking us with a Lyrical Journey collection recently, including signature tune for each one of the game s developments to prepare for End walker coming out following month. Today, Square Enix shared the official theme song and main video clip for End walker s very own primary style, End walker: Tramps.

This is a rocking introduction for the new release, which is the complete version of the song featured in the full End walker trailer and also has a video including lots of guitar having fun in an area as well as a young woman looking for something. The song s verses were shared in one of the most recent Lyrical Journey installation.

The song moves and also rocks, yet also fits thematically adequate with the journey that Final Fantasy takes its characters on, and the feeling you obtain playing with your very own function in the better journey in FFI.


Those previously released Lyrical Journey features consist of A Realm Born-again, with its A New Beginning signifying what s certainly the beginning of the video game s 2nd chance. Heavenward, with its Heavenward and also Dragon song included tunes. Storm blood and also Revolutions from Storm blood. Lastly, the songs included in Shadow bringers, Shadow bringers as well as Tomorrow as well as Tomorrow.

Every one of these tunes stands for different phases of the history of Final Fantasy XIV, and also looking in advance in the direction of the following stage. This year has actually been an amazing one for Final Fantasy XIV, with the area expanding and also numerous adjustments being available in the following large upgrade, which will obviously launch the expansion to all. After some delays, as well as Walker is coming. Expect more attributes and also sneak peeks leading up to the December launch.

For the full Lyrical Journeys Collection, see the official Final Fantasy XIV dev blog.