Saints Row is delayed until summer of 2022 logical he had come together with Elden Ring and Horizon

FromSoftware, Inc. is a Japanese computer game advancement company established in November 1986 and also a subsidiary of Katakana Corporation. The company is best recognized for their Armored Core and also Hearts series, including the relevant video games Blood borne, Senior, and also the upcoming Elder Ring, understood for their high degrees of difficulty.

We can not say that we are surprised. At the time when the delay of one month of Elder Ring was announced and was placed on the same date as the restart of Saints Row, the delay of the Sandbox was sung. For not counting that in February there are other games like Dying Light 2 or Horizon Forbidden West.

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So, from Volition they have made it official. Although they have not said that reason, of course. But the team needs more time to offer the best possible product, which is done justice to its pretensions and polish it. All those things that we believe, but that are probably secondary in this particular case. Launching the game in February would have been a foot shot.

So, the new Saints Row is delayed half a year. It will no longer be released on February 25 as planned, but it will do it August 23, 2022. A much more clear terrain with which players will be able to better dedicate their time to a restart that looks very good, And that promises to be hooligan and fun.

In the letter written on social networks, the study remains sure that it is the correct decision for the game to be fucking awesome when it comes out on sale. And the truth is that we hope, because it is a hilarious saga that, although I needed a change, it has our attention.

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On the other hand, they have also confirmed that There will be no major changes in development despite the delay, in response to some players who ask for the return of the original saints.