Australian Open Kyrgios relativized call to cancellation

The Australian Tennis Star Nick Lyrics has initially called for the cancellation of unauthorized professionals in the midst of the debate to cancel the Australian Open, but its statement over a short time later relativized. The sentence that I want the Australia Open to be canceled was torn out of the context. It was more thought for the people of Melbourne, who have gone through hell and return, said the 26-year-old in his Instagram- Story.

In his podcast No Boundaries (no limits), Lyrics had said hours before that he do not think the Australian Open should take place alone because of the people in Melbourne — you have to send a message. How long was the Lockdown there ? 275 days or something?.

Victoria s Sports Minister contradicted Lyrics regarding the hiring of Melburnians to the Australian Open, which start on January 17, 2022. The people in Melbourne, Victoria and honestly all Australians are absolutely hungry for big events, said Martin Paula shortly after the publication of the podcast.

The unexpected support for the world ranking Novak Djokovic (Serbia), which he has often criticized violently in the past, relativized Lyrics. The Prime Minister of the State of Victoria declared that unvaccinated players receive no exemption for entry. As a result, about the start of defending champion and skeptic Djokovic acute is endangered.

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Kyrgios calls to cancel 2022 Australian Open | Coronavirus | 9 News Australia

In his podcast Sergio had said he did not find it right to force someone to vaccinate, and to say, You can not play here because you are not vaccinated and called daily tests as an alternative. In Instagram Lyrics said: I do not think that it is morally correct that we accept that players from abroad, who are not vaccinated, come to our country.